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Dura Pergolas provide shade, protection from the elements, and a place for outdoor entertainment. Choose from one of our pre-designed structures or for larger projects let our expert team help create your bespoke pergola design.

Quick & Easy to Install

Designed for Extreme Climates

Strong & Durable

Long Life Span

Whilst our composite timber Dura Pergolas maintain a traditional appearance, these eye-catching structure, require little to no maintenance and will not splinter. The material is also UV stabilised and eco-friendly with up to 87% recycled material content, making them far superior to traditional designs.

Dura Pergolas have a unique formula that provides the very best of both worlds, a long lasting material that is strong, durable and weathers extremely well. Simple, sleek and surprisingly versatile these stunning pergolas help create a modern, timeless outdoor space. With minimal maintenance and 25+ year life expectancy, they are eco-friendly and offer great value for money. From hotels to beaches to domestic gardens, our beautiful Pergolas are the perfect choice for any area in need of refresh from a decorative functional shading structure.


  • Beach Areas
  • Hotel Buildings and Gardens
  • Roof Gardens
  • Theme Park
  • Villa Complexes
  • Parking Areas


  • No painting or treating
  • UV resistant and colour stable
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Does not splinter
  • Long life span
  • Eco-Friendly


  • Designed for extreme climates
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Requires only basic cleaning
  • Touch safe
  • Future-proof solution with expected 25+ year service life

Colours Available

Our Pergolas come in 3 enticing colours. Our Teak offers that traditional wood effect to blend into your surroundings, whilst our Charcoal and Stone colours offer that boldness, to really make them stand out. And remember, whatever you choose, you’ll never need to paint them. Perfect as the day you install them.




Pergola Components

Our simple yet sturdy components slot together to create an enchanting design. These strong columns are cleverly designed to withstand even extreme climates, giving you piece of mind.

Pergola Column

Pergola Slat

Pergola Support

Post & Slat Bracket

Base Support Column

Flat End Cap

Decorative End Cap | Slat End Cap

Decorative End Cap | Support End Cap

ProductProfile Length (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Thickness (mm)
Pergola Column2800200200N/A
Pergola Slat450060160N/A
Pergola Support4500100300N/A
Pergola Support3580100300N/A
Post & Slat Bracket4575120N/A
Base Support Column180180500N/A
Flat End Cap | Slat EndN/A601609
Flat End Cap | Support EndN/A1003009
Decorative End Cap | Slat End23060160N/A
Flat End Cap | Support End425100300N/A

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