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Composite Decking

Attractive, future-proof composite decking boards for commercial or residential projects

We offer the market-leading alternative to traditional wood decking. Our composite decking boards give you the look and feel of real wood with none of the downsides. So you can create a long-lasting, beautiful outdoor space without the worries (or work) that come with installing timber boards that stays perfect all year round!

Designed designed to provide maximum performance and quality, the unique engineering process, creates a board that does not warp, rot or fade over time and our unmatched anti-slip and fire-resistant design means it’s safe for everyone, in any environment. With unbeatable quality that you can trust that’s stronger, denser, and more resistant than timber and our range of unique, contemporary colours also mean you can create spaces that are totally unique to your style. And the best part is you’ll never need to paint or treat it.

Dura Deck Flip

Slip Resistant

Featuring a unique finish that allows the product to achieve low slip potential in dry or wet conditions.

Fade Resistant

Unique outer armour protects against fade for its entire life so that your deck always looks like it did when it was new.

Stain Resistant

The revolutionary outer armour protects the deck surface from most common stains.

Load Resistant

The Vortex Void design allows the deck to withstand 1.4kN point load according to BS 6399-1:1996.

Stunning composite decking for residential and commercial applications taking two of our most popular colours and combines them into a single decking board profile, offering more choice than ever before. Available in 4 colour combinations, meaning you can create an attractive, unique deck designs that you can flip over at a later date for a whole new look – or combine the two for a truly original aesthetic.

Easy to install with an innovative subsurface fixing system, meaning you won’t need screws or nails to fix the boards in place – leaving a perfect, clean, barefoot friendly deck. With a 15 year warranty you can be confident of quality through their service life and the cleverly engineered outer armour resists scratching and stains, so you’ll never need to treat or repaint them to keep them looking their best – saving you money on products and giving back time to enjoy your gorgeous outdoor space.

Basalt Grey | Umbra Grey

Pebble Grey | Weathered Cedar

IPE | Mahogany

Red Cedar | Larch

Dura Deck Eco

High Strength

Designed to withstand high loads throughout its lifecycle. The product exceeds 1.4kN at just 0.5% deflection as per BS 6399-1:1996.

Low Water Absorption

Developed to achieve low water absorption of less than 0.5%, performing in all weather through its 10-year warranty period.

Woodgrain Surface

Specially developed to offer a natural woodgrain look, akin to wooden decking that will last year upon year.

Colour Retention

Latest technology deployed to ensure the colour fade over time is minimal, providing a deck that always looks like new.

A unique formula that has been design engineered to reach the highest standard for composite decking in the world and is produced to be both ecological and economical, it offers great value for money when it comes to composite decking. Our range of decking boards are eco-friendly and economical, suitable for a range of applications. Our Eco range boards come in two widths, 146mm and 295mm.

Available in Teak, Charcoal and Stone, the boards look and feel just like natural wood and feature grooves on one side and wood grain on the reverse to suit all tastes. With high strength and a 10 year warranty for peace of mind, you are guaranteed a long lasting deck that’s perfect all year round. With the option to have either side of the board on display, featuring attractive grooves on one side and a wood grain embossing on the reverse so you can get the look you want and with their ease of install you are able to complete your project in half the time, saving labour and cost.




8 Reasons For Choosing Composite Decking

Anti-slip in all weather

Doesn’t rot or warp

UV colour stable

Up to 87% recycled

Minimum 10 year warranty

Fire & burn resistant

High Stength

Low Water Absorption

Decking Product Comparison

1.4kN @ 0.5% Deflection (BS 6399-1: 1996)Fire Resistance Class CWater Absorption (0.5% OR LESS)Minimal UV Colour Fade (Min Grey Scale C)Woodgrain Surface
Dura Deck® Composite Decking
Other Co-extruded Composites
Soft Wood Decking
Hard Wood Decking

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