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Oil & Gas

Dura Composites Glass Reinforced Polymer GRP products are particularly suited to demanding Oil and Gas environments thanks to their long lifecycle, chemical and corrosion resistance and low maintenance characteristics.

Today’s composites are used in a wide range of solutions from bridges to oil rigs to gas processing plants, and the design possibilities are vast.

The combination of the high-strength glass fibre and highly-resilient polymer used to make GRP ensure that it is also strong, lightweight and weather resistant. It can also be manufactured with phenolic properties for use in high-risk areas and does not conduct electricity or necessitate the use of hot works permits. Dura Composites GRP is suited to large infrastructure projects in the Oil and Gas industries as well as for use in the general facilities management of these locations to provide a safe on-site working environment.

Our new d2 Dura Grating features a gritted surface which offers one of the highest degree of slip-resistance ever measured for walking surfaces – tested to over 1 million footfalls, making it the material of choice for facilities which require safe walkways and access covers, with minimal risk of slips and falls. It also has an industry leading Class B fire rating.

Dura Composites GRP is easy to install, durable and low maintenance and can be used throughout the Oil & Gas industry to create profiles, frames and structural alternatives to steel for applications such as stairs, structural treads, void coverings and ladder systems.

If your facility requires phenolic grating, Dura Composites can also offer this (subject to extended lead times). Phenolic grating provides the ultimate performance where fire resistance and low smoke toxicity are critical and is engineered to withstand prolonged fire exposure without sustaining structural damage. It is suited to a wide range of offshore, oil and gas field applications and has a long design life versus traditional alternatives such a concrete and steel.

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